For the last 23+ years, I designed, developed and scaled up isolation processes (Crystallization, Filtration and Drying) for five different companies (Sanofi, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Abbvie and Aughinish Alumina), in four different countries, on two different continents!
After 11 amazing years spent in the US, we decided to relocate back to the UK in June 2022 to live closer to our family. We settled down happily in an iconic medieval town called Sandwich in Kent.

As a highly experienced crystallization scientist within the pharmaceutical industry, my main focus is to provide expert knowledge and guidance in the field of industrial crystallization - from the initial laboratory stages, right through to the manufacturing scale. I have the necessary expertise to design and develop both batch and continuous scalable crystallization processes that deliver quality API with defined physical properties, alongside efficient filtration, washing, and drying operations (including "wet N2" drying). My preliminary design approach is based on a comprehensive understanding of the Solid-State form landscape, including polymorphs, salts, solvates, and co-crystals, as well as the definition of the full phase diagram from solution. I can utilize advanced Particle Engineering technologies, such as wet and dry milling, impinging jet, sonication... and co-processed API approaches, as required, to deliver pure API with the desired physical properties, even at the early stages of development.
I also offer advice on phase-appropriate workflows, suitable for both early and late-phase projects, and can assist with the large-scale isolation of small and medium molecules, such as peptides, Prodrugs, Drug linkers, and those prone to Liquid Liquid Phase Separation (LLPS, i.e. "oiling out").
My services extend beyond experimental work plans to include extracting your crystallization kinetics using a modeling platform called CrySiv from CrySyst LLC. I also provide training courses (online and on-site) on crystallization fundamentals and practical process development for engineers, process chemists... with a major emphasis on solid-state understanding.
I'm always ready to discuss your specific process and scale-up challenges, so feel free to contact me to arrange an initial assessment of your needs.

I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you and achieve optimal results in your crystallization projects.

Best regards,
Moussa Boukerche, PhD